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Calcium Hypochlorite
In stock 
Product Description Calcium hypochlorite Features: 1. Effective chlorine: 65-70% min 2. Form: Granular, tablets 3. Color: White or light-gray 4. Process: Sodium based 5. Applications: A) for bleaching purpose of cotton, hemp, fiber, pulp and starch B)...
Group: Calcium hypochlorite
Potassium Chlorate
In stock 
Product Description CAS No.: 3811-04-9 H. S. Code: 2829.1910 EINECS NO: 223-289-7 UN NO: 1485 Hazard Class: 5.1 Formula: KCLO3 Molecular Weight: 122.55 Toxicity Oral rat LD50: 1870 mg/kg Synonyms: Potassium Salt, Potash Chlorate, Chloric Acid, Berthollet Salt. Appearance:
Group: Potassium chloride
Stearic Acid
In stock 
Product Description Specification: Iodine value, g I 2 / is 100 gold than 2.0 Saponification value, mgKOH/g 206-211 Acid value mgKOH/g 205-210 Chroma( unite Hazen) ≤ 200 Freezing point deg 57 ~ 54 Water% ≤ 0.20 Inorganic acid, % ≤ 0.001 Packing: In 25kg woven bag.
Group: Stearic acid
Hydrogen Peroxide
In stock 
Product Description Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2 HS Code: 284700 Physical appearance: Clear colorless solution. Application: Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) is a strong and environmental friendly oxidizer. It is used to bleach textile and paper products, manufacturer or process foodstuffs, minerals,...
Group: Peroxide
Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)
In stock 
Product Description Sodium Hexametaphosphate: Used in industries of oil fields, paper production, textile, dyeing, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and construction materials etc. As water softener, flotation selecting agent, disperser and high temperature adhesive; In food industry it used as...
Group: Buromin
Unsaturated Polyester Resin
In stock 
Testing Items Testing Method Specification Appearance Eye examination Yellow ropy liquid Viscosity(Pa.S, 25ºC) GB/T 7931.1-1987 0.35-0.45 Gel time(min, 23ºC) GB/T 7193.6-1987 16.0-20.0 Acid number(mgKOH/g) GB/T 2895-1989 15-35 ...
Group: Synthetic pitches
Activated Carbon for Water Treament
In stock 
Product Description Activated Carbon for water treament is from China professional activated carbon manufacture, Activated Carbon for water treament is primarily to treat surface water sources for the production of drinking water and wastewater. Activated Carbon for water treament is used for...
Group: Activated carbon
Sodium Thiosulphate
In stock 
Product Description Sodium thiosulphate Molecule Formula: Na2S2O3@5H2O Molecular Weight: 248 CAS No.: 7772-98-7 Property: Colorless, transparent single oblique crystals, specific gravity: 1.729. It's soluble in water easily, with strong reducing property. Specification: Tech Grade...
Group: Sodium technical thiosulfate
99.99% Methylene Chloride
In stock 
Product Description Product name: Methylene Chloride Purity≥ 99.99% Acidity(HCl)≤ 0.0004% Moisture≤ 0.008% Residue after evaporation ≤ 0.0015% Chroma(APHA), PT-Co≤ 10 Packing details Packing spec.: 270kg/drum 80drum/20'GP Min order: 21.6ton/20'GP Delivery time:...
Group: Methylene chloride technical
Zinc Oxide 90%
In stock 
Index Red Seal ZnO, %≥ 90% PbO, %≤ 0.18 CuO, %≤ 0.006 Cd, %≤ 0.008 Mn, %≤ 0.002 Zn, %≤ None Insolubles in Hcl solution% ≤ 0.006 Loss on ignition% ≤ 0.3 Water...
Group: Zinc Oxide


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